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Atin ang Bawat Sandali

Deafeye Studio



Atin ang Bawat Sandali


In this piece we featured moments and memories that might spark a sense of nostalgia and a sense of belonging for people passing by, representing people from different backgrounds. Before going inside BGC, we’d want to say a warm welcome to everyone, and have them feel accepted and appreciation to the beauty of flaws and imperfections in everyone.

Maybe the piece can be a conversation starter - “Oh! I remember this one time that...” We’d like this art to be a reminder to take it easy, have a break and affirm that life is kind and beautiful - that we all deserve a relaxing day and to own the moment..

This mural is made possible by a grant from Globe Telecom, Inc. who supports our public art theme: "Rolling Out a Better World"



Kalayaan Flyover, 32nd Street

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