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Between the Lines




Between the Lines


CYRCLE is a two-man collective of multidisciplinary artists born out of Los Angeles, California in 2010. Their work focuses on life, duality, and the human condition. Those concepts, combined with the aesthetic consideration of form, typeface, color, and balance are what creates their signature style. Through street campaigns, design, fine art, murals, and collaborations, their work blurs the lines within the contemporary art world.

CYRCLE reveals complex ideologies in their simplest forms. Refusing to constrain themselves to a particular definition- street artists, graphic designers, traditional fine artists- the collective is interested in what the function and form of the work itself demands.

Living by the motto We Never Die, CYRCLE strives to shed light on otherwise dark matters, thoughtfully exposing the gray areas of life.


Icon Plaza, 26th Street corner 7th Avenue

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