Mother Nature: Four Seasons

Dee Jae Pa'este



Mother Nature: Four Seasons


The Seasons come and go and change parallel to our own internal and personal growth. They help us appreciate the different elements of nature and our surroundings. Sometimes we forget the things that mean most to us and the elements that allow us to exist in this world.

This is an ode to Mother Nature and the animal spirits that help to remind us about the beauty that still exists in this place and in places outside of the city. Through Art we are able to create images that bring bits of nature back into the Urban landscape and to share not only what we see but what we feel as well.

Each wall depicts the stages of growth in one’s life and journey, through the seasons and through the different forms of Mother Nature, just like our paths, we evolve, we grow and we transition. Grow with the flow and always remember to stay rooted.


C1 Pocket Parking, Bonifacio High Street Central, 28th Street