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What's Your Culture?

Glendford Lumbao



What's Your Culture?


Every frame was arranged to resemble a textile-ish look, utilizing the concept of "weaving" and how different narratives are intertwined and part of a bigger picture. The circular nature of the layout aims to visualize how everyone in the community, despite their different culture, could be of service to one another. There's also a subtle hint of the pinoy concept "kapit-bisig", characterized by linked elbows.

In the artwork, you'll see the different characters of the artpiece - "Gamer", "Racer", "Artist", "Driver" and "Chef" - all interwoven with one another. It reflects how are each one plays an integral part in our community and how our stories are interconnected with one another.

Motorcycles are also integrated with each frame to showcasing its integral role in the everyday lives of many Filipinos, helping serve the community and move forward to a better tomorrow.

This mural is made possible by a grant from Yamaha Motor Philippines who supports the public art theme: "Rolling Out a Better World"


W Global Center, 30th street corner 9th Avenue, BGC

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