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PPMF 2023:
Gunita at Mga Bùkas

PPMF 2023.png

Sept. 29, 30, & Oct. 1, 2023

Bonifacio Art Foundation Inc. through the BGC Arts Center presents “Pinoy Playlist Music Festival 2023: Gunita at Mga Búkas” to be held in 3 performance spaces at the BGC Arts Center in Taguig City.

Curated by National Artist for Music Maestro Ryan Cayabyab, Moy Ortiz, Noel Ferrer and Maria Isabel Garcia, Pinoy Playlist Music Festival (PPMF) is known as the biggest and most inclusive celebration of original Filipino music in the Philippines across genres and across generations. 

An Aliw Awards awardee and NCCA Sudi Awards special citation recipient, this extraordinary event is a magnificent platform that celebrates the diverse sounds, melodies, and rhythms that embody the rich tapestry of Filipino music.

Throughout the three-day festival, immerse in the tapestry of Filipino music across time, from solo, bands, classic, pop, campus acts, theater, and more! Join the conversation and attend the Talks on relevant topics from key figures in the industry. Each day will also be punctuated on primetime with special performances that pay tribute to the Ryan Cayabyab Awardees this year, namely Alfonso “Coke" Bolipata, Mel Villena, and Regine Velasquez-Alcasid

Be surrounded by a dynamic community of fellow musicians, industry professionals, and music enthusiasts who are eager to experience the magic of Filipino artistry. The festival promises to offer an unforgettable experience, filled with joy, inspiration, and a celebration of Filipino music's undeniable power.


About PPMF


PPMF 2023 Awardees
Alfonso Coke Bolipata.jpg

Alfonso "Coke" Bolipata

Mel Villena.jpg

Mel Villena

Regine Velasquez-Alcasid.jpg

Regine Velasquez-Alcasid

DAY 1:


doors open 3:00PM

DAY 2:


doors open 3:00PM

DAY 3:


doors open 3:00PM

PPMF 2023 Sched for web.png
PPMF 2023 Sched for web.png
PPMF 2023 Sched for web.png


Artist Line Up

PPMF Conversations

Join our esteemed music experts in engaging and relevant conversations about Pinoy music. Students, Educators, Artists, Music Industry professionals, Music enthusiasts, and the community are all welcome to attend.


Access to the PINOY PLAYLIST CONVERSATIONS is FREE, but seats in the venue are limited.
Please REGISTER to participate. Registration closes on Sept 27, 12
:00 PM.

*Pinoy Playlist Music Festival tickets are required to access the PPMF performances.


Filipino Songwriting: From Dreams to Sheet

with Trina Belamide and Jonathan Manalo, and Moy Ortiz

Multi-awarded & seasoned songwriters TRINA BELAMIDE, JONATHAN MANALO, and MOY ORTIZ share their creative process in writing OPM, share their insights and professional advice for both hobbyist and professional tunesmiths. 


Join us in this interactive afternoon of music, talk and fun.

Moderated by Moy Ortiz

September 29, 2023

Zobel De Ayala Recital Hall

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM


AI: Friend or Foe in Filipino Music?

with Thyro Alfaro, Gino Cruz, and Marlon Barnuevo

With the break-neck rise of the use of AI in what used to be exclusively human domains, how are Pinoy musical artists dealing with AI in music-making? Will it break our creativity or will it create new territories for the way we make and appreciate music?


Listen and take part in a conversation with THYRO ALFARO (musician), GINO CRUZ (arranger/songwriter) and MARLON BARNUEVO (educator).

Moderated by Maria Isabel Garcia

September 30, 2023

Zobel De Ayala Recital Hall

5:00 PM - 6:30PM


The Difficult Filipino

Audience (Perfect Ka,Teh?)

with Direk Floy, Dexter Martinez Santos, and Paolo Valenciano

Although it seems as though there’s one main focal point, concerts have so many different elements coming together to make them either great, or mediocre.


How to Watch Live Concerts and How Best Can We Experience Live Music, and What Makes For A Great Live Show? These are the main talk points in this special conversation with featured guests: the best concert/live events directors in the land - FLOY QUINTOS, DEXTER SANTOS & PAOLO VALENCIANO.