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Kasaysayan Bawat Oras

Juan Sajid de Leon Imao


Kasaysayan Bawat Oras


Another winning entry in the 1996 competition, Imao’s design elements represent his Islamic heritage – the okir or curvilinear design motifs in Maranao art. The stylized rays of the sun transform into a bird – the sarimanok – that is just about ready to fly.

This sculpture is designed to be interactive and functional. The sundial sculpture-cum-playground fuses function and art, one of the most ancient ways of telling time. The rays also represent the different provinces that rose against Spain during the revolution, while the paper-doll sculptures symbolize the 7,101 islands in unity. The artist hopes that his sundial will be a reminder of how far our people have come and how far we can go on as a global community. Each figure represents a number corresponding to an hour. Find the location where the sun casts its shadow to determine the time.


24th Street corner Rizal Drive


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