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Musical Theater Workshops with Rony Fortich

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Musical Theater Workshops


Rony Fortich is a musical director, arranger, composer, and accompanist. As the Music Director of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort from its grand opening in 2005 to 2017, Rony oversaw all of the Park’s musical offerings. In 2013, he received the Walt Disney Legacy Award for his contribution to the resort.  In the Philippines, he has worked with many theater actors and with various theater companies such as Trumpets, Atlantis Productions, Actor’s Actors Inc., and Repertory Philippines.


He wrote the music for the musicals BREAKUPS AND BREAKDOWNS, STAGES OF LOVE, N.O.A.H., the award-winning THE BLUEBIRD OF HAPPINESS, NIA AND ANWAR, and most recently, QUEST FOR THE ADARNA, which won the Aliw award for Best Children’s Musical.  He was musical director for the ASEAN closing ceremonies in 2017 and in 2018, he arranged the music for the Ayala Triangle Lights show called “Reimagining the Magic: A Festival of Lights.” Rony continues to work on a variety of shows, concerts, musical projects both in the Philippines and abroad. 


For his musical efforts, he was awarded as one of the Outstanding Young Men of the Philippines in 2015. To share his passion for musical theater, he has been collaborating with the BGC Arts Center for workshops and programs since 2018.


"The workshop was a life-changing experience for me. It showed me that being a wife and mother doesn't have to stop me from pursuing my passion for musical theater. Teacher Rony created a safe space where everyone felt free to express themselves, he made us understand the beauty behind each song and delving into the stories they tell, going beyond melodies and lyrics. His passion, dedication, patience and support to each one of us is truly admirable. Grateful beyond words to Teacher Rony 😊 ...My wish is for more people to experience the same joy and transformation this workshop brought to our lives. -L.A.

""I chose to join these classes so I can improve my singing and voice acting skills and to also meet new people. It was a very fun experience and it made my summer so much better." - Iñigo Carlos, "My experience with the BGC Online Theater Workshop" via

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"Program was worth every penny you paid for. My daughter enjoyed every class so much. She learned a lot from Teacher Rony while having fun with friends. My daughter also learned the right mindset as a performer, she enjoys the moment, gives her best and she can always do better than her last! I also saw how independent she has become. Would definitely enroll my daughter again!" - Parent of Kids Class Participant


***Schedules may be subject to change.

Explore the exciting world of musical theater with acclaimed Musical Director, Rony Fortich. In-depth workshops are available for aspiring performers and theater enthusiasts, ages 8 and up!

This 2024, Rony is adding a couple sessions on how to properly audition for musicals! What to bring, the importance of song choice, how to prepare, what to give the accompanist, etc. Participants will even experience a mock audition! 


*Schedules may be subject to change.

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 

Kids 8-12 y.o       2:30 - 4:00PM

Teens 13-18  y.o  4:30 - 6:30PM

Adults 19+ y.o    7:30 - 9:30PM

Class starts on June 19 (Wednesday)

June 19, 21

June 24, 26, 28

July 1, 3, 5

July 8, 10, 12

July 15, 17

July 19 Friday Recital Rehearsal

July 21, Sunday RECITAL

On-site Recital will be on July 21 (Sunday), Time TBA



1.5 hours/session  |  2:30PM to 4PM  |  Php 16,000 

With so many musicals today featuring children, from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to Matilda to Christmas Carol, the workshops will help kids learn how to interpret them for an audience.  Children must come in knowing at least 3 musical theater songs and must be open to learning more.



2 hours/session  | 4:30PM - 6:30PM   |  Php 16,000 

For the teens who love musical theater and wish to further their understanding of musical theater songs and build on their performance skills.  Participants must be ready with several musical theater songs memorized.


2 hours/session  | 7:30PM - 9:30PM    |  Php 16,000

Proper singing for musical theater means more than just having a beautiful voice and singing with emotion.  It means really diving into a piece. It is understanding a composer's choices for writing a song a certain way. It calls for grasping what a lyricist intends when he writes a lyric.  It means analyzing how music and lyrics work together.  And most importantly, making sure that understanding comes across from the actor to the audience, that it reads to an audience.  Come in with song choices.  Must have musical theater experience.



All participants in the 2024 Summer program will learn how to properly audition for musicals! What to bring, the importance of song choice, how to prepare, what to give the accompanist, etc. Participants will even experience a mock audition! 





Here is the registration process to enroll in the class:


STEP 1: Read all program information before registering.

STEP 2: Fill up the Online Form

STEP 3: Await email confirmation from with payment details.

STEP 4: Settle payment to confirm your slot. Slots are first come, first served.

STEP 5: We send program details and reminders to participants via email.


Class sizes are kept small so that each student can be given the proper attention and learning is enhanced. The group activities aim to build confidence and allow participants to motivate, inspire, and also learn from each other. 




Due to the limited number of slots available, participants must register and wait for an email confirmation re: slot availability BEFORE settling any payment.

Special rate available for returning students & BGCitizens, please inquire.

Bank Deposit / Online Fund Transfer

Bank: Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)

● Account Name: Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc.

● Savings Account Number: 1923-1245-58


Send the proof of your payment confirmation via email 


For overseas participants, please email for assistance.


Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to providing distinct experiences of Filipino artistry in all its forms and fusions, enriching lives and building on a nation’s ever-evolving culture. All proceeds go completely into supporting our art programs. 





Is the program refundable? What if I can't make some classes?


No refunds will be issued. 


How will you let us know about possible schedule changes and/or cancellations?


We make every effort to make an announcement about program changes as quickly as possible. This will be done through email or by mobile phone. 


BGC Arts Center reserves the right to cancel programs/events that do not meet the minimum enrollment, and/or pose risk due to community quarantine status or severe weather conditions.


If the program is cancelled by BGC Arts Center, all participants will receive full refund.

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