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May You Find Comfort Here




May You Find Comfort Here


Our art gives our work a sense of authenticity, individuality and character.Our vivid interpretation of language in general values the richness of our world and brings it to life. Our style gravitates towards the juxtaposition of calligraphy and floral illustrations. It tends to be organic and free.

Living in two very contrasting cities (Bacolod, our hometown and Manila, where we are situated now for a living) allows us to be exposed to different personalities and experiences - both ours and the people around us. It is where we drive most of our inspiration from. Our art is not just a visual representation of language, but rather, a portrayal of subtle self-expression. Its juxtaposed letters and illustrations gives our art a personality of its own, and a powerful meaning so that people can relate to it.

Having to carry a weight or a message is essential to our art. We aim to bring words or language in general to life and make them more vivid and memorable with illustrations in a modern way, giving a sense of comfort and relief to its audience. Those little intangible moments that affect them in monumental ways.


B1 Pocket Parking, Bonifacio High Street, Lane O

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