Online Musical Theater Workshops with Rony Fortich


Online Musical Theater Workshop


Rony Fortich is a musical director, arranger, composer, and accompanist. As the Music Director of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort from its grand opening in 2005 to 2017, Rony oversaw all of the Park’s musical offerings. In 2013, he received the Walt Disney Legacy Award for his contribution to the resort.  In the Philippines, he has worked with many theater actors and with various theater companies such as Trumpets, Atlantis Productions, Actor’s Actors Inc., and Repertory Philippines.


He wrote the music for the musicals BREAKUPS AND BREAKDOWNS, STAGES OF LOVE, N.O.A.H., the award-winning THE BLUEBIRD OF HAPPINESS, NIA AND ANWAR, and most recently, QUEST FOR THE ADARNA, which won the Aliw award for Best Children’s Musical.  He was musical director for the ASEAN closing ceremonies in 2017 and in 2018, he arranged the music for the Ayala Triangle Lights show called “Reimagining the Magic: A Festival of Lights.” Rony continues to work on a variety of shows, concerts, musical projects both in the Philippines and abroad. 


To share his passion for musical theatre, he gives workshops year round in various arts locations such as the BGC Arts Center.  For his musical efforts, he was awarded as one of the Outstanding Young Men of the Philippines in 2015.


"My daughter has enrolled thrice on the program and loves it! She is always looking forward to her class. It has also greatly improved the way she sings and puts more life into the song. The class is very enriching and engaging. It's a big deal during these extraordinary times where kids have very limited chance to socialize and interact w other kids. My daughter had an amazing experience w you!"

- Mommy Gracie

"Since this pandemic, I've never seen our little girl so enthusiastic and excited for her online classes. Although we always knew that she loved to sing, it was a pleasant surprise to see her bloom not only as a singer but a performer. The way that Teacher Rony conducted the classes was fun and encouraging. He helped develop her confidence and showmanship. I think the common experience with the other classmates allowed her to make friends even if the classes were online. Looking forward to more workshops with Teacher Rony!"           - Mommy Dette


***Schedules may be subject to change.

The immersive 4-week program includes 10 group sessions (1.5 hours each) and 2 one-on-one sessions with Rony Fortich, plus a culminating online performance for family & friends. Each student also receives vocalization tracks, a personalized minus one, and a digital certificate of completion.



Kids AM: 10:30am - 12:00pm M-W-F

Kids PM: 2:00pm - 3:30pm M-W-F





4:30pm - 6:00pm M-W-F



Orientation with parents is on July 10 (Saturday)


Class starts July 12, 2021 (Monday), with the following schedule:***

***Schedules may be subject to change.

10 group sessions:

July 12, 14, 16

July 19, 21, 23

July 28, 30

August 4, 6


2 one-on-one sessions 

Round 1: July 26, 27

Round 2: August 2, 3


Online Recital will be on August 8 (Sunday)





Here is the registration process to enroll in the class:


STEP 1: Read all program information before registering.

STEP 2: Fill up the Online Form

STEP 3: Await email confirmation from with payment details.

STEP 4: Settle payment to confirm your slot. Slots are first come, first served.

STEP 5: We send program details and reminders to participants via email.


Class sizes are kept small so that each student can be given the proper attention and learning is enhanced. The group activities aim to build confidence and allow participants to motivate, inspire, and also learn from each other. 




Due to the limited number of slots available, participants must register and wait for an email confirmation re: slot availability BEFORE settling any payment.


Bank Deposit / Online Fund Transfer

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)

Account Name: Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc.

Current Account Number: 1921-1037-15

Branch: BGC NET One

Send the proof of your payment confirmation via email or viber. 


For oversees participants, please email for assistance.


Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to providing distinct experiences of Filipino artistry in all its forms and fusions, enriching lives and building on a nation’s ever-evolving culture. All proceeds go completely into supporting our art programs. 






What can I expect from the Musical Theater Workshops?


Explore the exciting world of musical theater where you will learn how to color words, break down lyrics, paint a scene for your audience and other performing techniques for musical theater.


The in-depth immersive workshops will have fun group exercises, class activities, as well as one-on-one vocal sessions with acclaimed Musical Director, Rony Fortich

Each student also receives vocalization tracks, a personalized minus one, and a digital certificate of completion.

There will be a culminating online recital at the end of the program. 



What do I need in order to participate in the online classes?


  1. Stable Internet connection with at least 2 Mbps. Check your internet bandwidth with sites like Google Fiber or Speedtest

  2. Download and install the Zoom Client for Meetings app on a laptop/desktop.

  3. Webcam - built in to your computer or connected via USB

  4. Microphone - built into your computer, USB plug-in, or wireless Bluetooth 

  5. Earphones/Headphones

  6. A quiet space where you can focus away from distractions, yet still be able to move around and make noises (i.e. projecting your voice). 

  7. An audio source to play a minus one track from, such as a phone with a speaker, another device/computer, or a stereo system. 


It’s my first time to use Zoom, how do I make sure my computer and equipment are ready for the Zoom classes?


After installing the app on your desktop or laptop, you’ll need to test if you are able to enter a meeting with audio and video. Click here for a Zoom Test Meeting


How can I troubleshoot my WiFI connection issues?


To be able to participate in the class activities, you’ll need stable internet connection. Click on this link for guidance on various set up options for connectivity.


What if I get disconnected during class?


Our team will make every effort to assist you with troubleshooting your connectivity issues and discuss options with you depending on the class activities.  




If I don’t make the class/es, is the program refundable?


No refunds will be issued.


However, you may nominate another participant to take over your slot, but he/she must meet the requirement of the program (age, experience, etc).


How will you let us know about possible cancellations?


We make every effort to make an announcement about program changes as quickly as possible. This will be done through email or by mobile phone.


BGC Arts Center reserves the right to cancel programs/events that do not meet the minimum enrollment, and/or pose risk due to severe weather conditions.


If the program is cancelled by BGC Arts Center, all participants will receive full refund.