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Soar High

Jasmin Lacay



Soar High


As fearless ones, men and women of today won’t ever surrender their game that easily and certainly, there’s no other way but the way up and to fly high! Wielding a fearless mentality, these individuals who are passionate on what they do has the power in everything they do —to fight AND flight in its full glory. Be it soulfully playing in the court, being a role model and empowering others or maintaining their authenticity within themselves.

To SOAR HIGH is like a command equally addressed for all the men and women of today — empowering each other to aim high for excellence and greatness.

This mural is made possible by a grant from Jordan-Manila who supports our public art theme: "Rolling Out a Better World"

Mural photograph by: Nicole dela Torre


High Street South, 28th St. corner 9th Ave.

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