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The Heart of God's Country

Andrew Schoultz



The Heart of God's Country


"The Gods Country" is about regeneration and regrowth. Within this mural, at first glance there seems to be no life. The environment appears to be stripped and barren, only leaving an empty clearing of tree stumps. And at the helm, sits a once mighty tree that has been pruned and its limbs cut down. However, life and energy is everywhere and pulsates throughout this landscape. A multitude of new branches sprout and colorful foliage start to flow from this great tree. Across the landscape hints of bright green grass begin to grow, a volcano erupts and spews lava, creating new landforms. Here, Nature regenerates, survives and flourishes. As humans we need Nature to survive. It is our life source. In contrast, Nature will never need humans for its survival and will continue to exist beyond our absence. Despite man's mistreatment of Nature, Nature will always find its way to grow and spread its beauty to the world.

With my work, I hope to engage the audience with dialogue to themselves and share conversations with each other on the issues that concern us all.""The Gods Country"" is not only about our relationship with the environment but of the global problem of environmental degradation. Global warming, pollution, unsustainable lifestyles, fossil fuels are one of the many problems we face and if left unchanged it will have devastating effect to everyone on the planet.


W Fifth, 32nd Street

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