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You ART Not Alone



Get familiar with Adobe Illustrator’s interface and learn the step-by-step

process of inking and coloring to bring your drawings to life.


Myle will be sharing her techniques on how she creates character

illustrations using Adobe Illustrator.  


All you need to start is a pencil and paper and the Adobe Illustrator software.

From there we're going to go on an awesome journey of creating your very own sidekick character!


Myle Villareal was a former instructor of Visual Graphic Design and Animation to senior high school and college students and now leads the graphic design and exhibition galleries of  The Mind Museum.  Through her engineering and design background, she was able to make science come alive through creating interactive exhibition pieces that are not only informative but fun as well. 


Myle was also one of the main illustrators for the What is Nature? Everything Is! augmented reality book that was released last year.


Saturday, April 10

10am-12pm  (Manila Time)

Online via ZOOM 


Recommended for ages 12 and up

Basic drawing skills is required. Handouts will be sent to the participants prior to the workshop.


Adobe illustrator software (download free trial for 7 days if you don't have)

Laptop or Computer

Mouse or Drawing Tablet

Pencil & Paper for sketching (optional)


Limited slots are available!

Participants must register and settle their donation to confirm their slot.

Requested donation: P500/person

Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to providing distinct experiences of Filipino artistry in all its forms and fusions, enriching lives and building on our nation’s ever-evolving culture. Now more than ever, we appreciate your donation to continue to champion the arts in our community. All proceeds sustain the development of You ART Not Alone programs and support artists affected by the pandemic.




How do I make a donation for the program?


Bank Deposit

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)

Account Name: Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc.

Current Account Number: 1921-1037-15

Branch: BGC NET One

*BPI Online Fund Transfer also accepted


Send your deposit slip or online transaction confirmation to



Note that Participant shall shoulder all bank fees as applicable.


For overseas participants, please email for assistance.

Can I sponsor beneficiaries?

We welcome donations for program beneficiaries and thank you in advance for helping us bring the arts closer to the community. You can nominate your chosen beneficiary or get in touch with our team to make arrangements.


What happens if I can’t make it?

Donations will not be returned. However, you may nominate another participant to take over your slot.

How will you let us know about possible cancellations?

We make every effort to make an announcement about program changes as quickly as possible. This will be done through email. 


The BGC Arts Center reserves the right to cancel events that do not meet minimum enrollment, etc. If an event is cancelled by the BGC Arts Center, all donations will be returned.

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